Saturday, November 13, 2010

Definition: Modern Homemaker

I feel it's necessary to begin this blog with my definition of a modern homemaker. Of course, this is my opinion and by no means official.

Modern Homaker: Someone (man or woman, married or single) who takes care of their home in a positive manner using as many resources as possible. When I say resources I'm talking about using things that are already available, something that can be made and not bought, or something that can be borrowed. Being a modern homemaker is all about simplicity and keeping life as close to nature as you desire. It's all about using products that can be reused (hence the picture of cloth diapers hanging on my neighbors line), figuring out ways to reuse things that are manufactured to throw away (i.e. keeping toilet paper tubes to make rainsticks or other crafts), and creating as many things from scratch instead of buying buying buying.

Everyday I learn more on how to become a modern homemaker by my own defintion and will continue to learn everyday. I hope to use this blog to communicate methods that have worked for me in creating a wonderful home. I really enjoy reading how others create, cook, and their detailed instructions, so I'm determined to provide as much "how to" details so everyone can try.

Keep your eyes open for wonderful posts on how to make laundry soap, graham crackers, etc.... I'm excited to share the knowledge


  1. I can hardly wait to read more! :) Keep 'em coming.

  2. I think this is great! You are inspiring me to create one of my own- something I have wanted to do for a long time!

  3. Thanks for the enthusiasm. I'm excited that I'm finally doing this too. It's also been something that I've been thinking about for many years. Now that I have an objective I'm ready to go!