Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why Create this Blog?

I have been wanting to create a blog for a long time (3 + yrs.) so I can communicate my experience and knowledge to whomever is interested. I have a lot of interests that aren't particularily inline with today's society and I know I'm not the only one interested in doing things the "old school" way. I use cloth diapers, make 90% of my food from scratch, and really want to make more homemade goods. Why you ask? Because I like to be self reliant, live within my means and provide everything to my family even if we don't have any extra money. If you're resourceful then anything can happen. If you have a negative attitude then nothing happens. I choose to try anything and everything and if it doesn't work then I know for future reference. I want my two boys to dive into new things without any doubt and live life to it's fullest. Honestly I think we can learn a lot from previous generations on how to live life simply, yet have everything that we need. This blog is to help us in our adventures of this goal and to help others achieve it through cooking, cleaning, crocheting & knitting recipes, etc. The more we make ourselves the less we rely on others to make our lives that much richer. I'm all about doing it ourselves as our ancestors did.

To start the blog I'm currently doing a project to transcribe my husband's grandma's (Amy Park) Homemaking book. It's written in pencil and the pages are falling apart. My goal is to get it re-written well before Christmas (hopefully around Thanksgiving) so my mother in-law can get it publish for the family to enjoy. What a wonderful chance to be part of history to share history. I try to live my life as self reliant as possible and I'm hoping we can all learn a lot from Amy Park's recipes as I transcribe this book